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Morbid Flowers For A Dramatic Spooky Garden

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Halloween has long passed but the thing about plants is that they need time to grow. So by next year you’ll have your spooky garden all ready to receive guests or simply enjoy drama and Halloween spirit throughout the year.

Skeleton Flower

Skeleton flower

Skeleton flower (also known as Diphylleia grayi) is an interesting perrenial from Asia that turns clear when it rains, which creates a beautiful effect showing off the flower’s petal veins. It bkooms from May to July and when dry looks completely cute.

Snapdragon Seed Pods

Seed pod

Snapdragons are just the right flowers to make your landscape look pretty but once their blooms die away the skull-shaped seeds pods are revealed and could be gathered to make a truly spooky Halloween wreath or table centerpiece.

Corpse Flower

Pipe plant

Monotropa uniflora is a unique flower. It blooms from June to August and looks like a group of little ghosts (which warrants the name ghost plant). Its semi-transparent white pipe-like stems rise from the ground even where sun doesn’t shine since it’s parasitic and doesn’t rely on sunshine to grow.

Darth Vader Flower

Darth Vader flower

Darth Vader flower is actually a aristolochia species variety that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Sith Lord. The Aristolochia genus is large and survives in different climates but some of its species are threatened by exinction. In addition to their often peculiar look the plants are toxic.

There are also these exotic flowers, black irises, and deep bordeaux callas and tulips that can make a great addition to a spooky garden.

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