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Leaf Blower Purchasing Tips

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There are a lot of options for leaf blowers that are on the market today. If you are going to clear your lawn for the end of the summer you should look into investing in a handheld, or backpack model of leaf blower. There are plenty of reasons why a powered leaf blower exceeds what a rake can do. For example if you are in a time crunch, you will spend a great deal of time raking. While there are many yard rakes that have wide swaths for cutting grass many of them cannot compare to the sheer volume of the power blower. The backpack model is best for eliminating many of the problems associated with time. So what makes a great leaf blower truly great? Take a look at the following buying tips to better understand what goes into making a quality leaf blower.

Here are some leaf blower buying:

Learn what a leaf blower can do

A leaf blower/vacuum can handle lots of jobs. It can move debris, grass clippings, and can even push light amounts of snow during the winter time. When you consider this, you might opt to buy the most powerful leaf blower you can find to truly make the most of your purchase. Leaf blowers can also serve as vacuums that can bag up debris so you can make it into mulch or discard it.

Electric or gas?

If you can be near an outlet, then an electric leaf blower might be for you. It’s even possible to hook up a chain of extensions that can give you hundreds upon hundreds of feet of space to work in. An electric leaf blower will be both quieter and lighter than a gas model. There’s no engine to maintain, so many people that don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a gas machine choose an electric model. However, gas powered leaf blowers are much more powerful than an electric. You’ll never see a lawn crew using an electric leaf blower because they lack the power of the gasoline versions. A gasoline leaf blower is also a bit heavier than the electric versions. Also, a gasoline leaf blower puts out higher volume air flow, which is useful for heavier debris. Higher air speeds are good for light duty debris. If you’re going to be using your leaf blower for commercial reasons, it’s best to buy a gasoline model. They can go anywhere and give you the versatility you need. With a gasoline powered leaf blower, the work will get done, without question, with no outlets needed.

Leaf blower’s engine

If you buy a 4 cycle gasoline powered leaf blower, you won’t have to mix any gas and oil. With a 2 cycle gasoline model, you’ll have to have the right oil/gasoline mix. Also, 4 strokes have a more even power band and stay more consistent with the power they provide. A 2 stroke is more active in the higher RPM range and may require some finesse on your part.

Consider the warranty

Leaf blowers will undoubtedly go through some wear and tear through the seasons, so it’s best to find one with a manufacturers warranty. This will keep you safe from defective products and make sure that you get real value for your money. Most warranties for leaf blowers are for a period of 2 years.

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