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Keeping Slugs & Snails Away

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With the heat of approaching summertime the unpleasant crawling creatures also come out of their dark holes. If you are struggling with snails or slugs there is an eco-friendly way of keeping them away. If you are still unsure on the measures to take to drive slugs and snails away, read on as it will help you to make the decision.

Ways To Keep Slugs Away

Driving Snails Away

Snail by Amy Katz

Grow Healthy Plants

One of the best ways to prevent snail and slug attack is to grow healthy plants in your garden. If the plants are healthy they won’t be hurt by the occasional slug attack and can withstand the attack bravely. You need to check regularly for any leaf discoloration or signs of disease in your garden, so that you can react properly in time. Don’t forget about the weed infestation, as weeds tend to provide safe space for slug breeding.

Attract Predators

Slugs and snails can be driven away with help of natural predators, such as ground beetles, lizards, toads and even snakes. Finding out who to deal with will make the problem seem easier, but be aware that certain beetles can cause even more harm as they also feed on fruit and vegetables.

Make Barriers

Since the creeping pests crawl up to the plant from the ground you can make barriers to prevent this easy route. Make the soil sharp with crushed eggshell. Also if you want to keep snails or slugs away from your raised bed garden use copper barriers, as copper reacts with the slime secreted by these pests. The reaction between copper and slime can be compared to electric shock.

Grow Plant Repellents

Herbs and other plants with strong odor, such as yarrow, citronella, mint, fennel, catnip, basil, and lemongrass are natural snail repellents. Not only you will keep away snails and slugs, you will also add a nice fragrant feature to your garden.

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