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Keeping Plants Alive in Winter

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If you are an avid fan of greenery, you probably have a huge garden with lots of different plants in it. However, your plants need special care during the long and murky days of winter. Here are some basic things you need to know about keeping plants alive in winter!


Tips on Preserving Outdoor Plants in Winter

Every fan of the outdoors and greenery in particular knows how harsh it can be for our green friends during the unbearable cold season, when the temperature drops drastically and the nights seem endless. There are several ways you can protect your plants from dying out during winter, and we will go over each one of them here, starting with the most popular option.



You already about the benefits of using mulchin your garden, however what probably escaped from your attention is that mulch is great in preserving the heat. Mulch can be made from pine needles, or timber – just wrap it around the plant, approximately for 2 inches atop. Mulching is best when used with compost. If your plants are seeding, bent their seedy part to the ground and apply some compost. This will help the roots get the nutrition, while providing extra warmth.


General Recommendations

A general recommendation for those protecting their plants from winter frosts, is to make sure that the soil is moist. When the soil is moist it retains more heat, and saves the roots. Another general recommendation is pretty obvious, yet it will save a lot of your plants if you just follow it. If you have perennials that die during winter,, use them as compost for those plants that will probably survive. If you have plants, which are growing in pots, it is better to move them indoors, even if this indoors is just a garden shed.


Alternative Ideas in Protecting plants

Other alternative ideas in protecting your plants during winter time are to use additional sources, such as an old blanket, or a black plastic cover. The black plastic cover will attract sun to the soil, thus making the soil warmer. Alternatively, the tree trunks can be saved by wrapping around them some plastic. Respect your garden and it will pay you back!

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