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Introduction to Bonsai Trees

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Have you ever seen a bonsai tree and wondered how to make one? If you have always wanted to keep one, this is a right place to start off.


Bonsai Tree Basics

The “Bon-sai” term translated as a “tree in a pot”, is an ancient Japanese tradition of making a miniature garden. This tradition was inspired by the chinese horticulture tradition, then more lately it was influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy. It is a common misconception, that bonsai trees are genetically small, but actually it is the art of growing trees small is what makes them bonsai.

If you want to grow your own bonsai tree, you should choose the right type of a tree. Choosing the right tree generally depends on your circumstances: would it be placed indoors or outdoors? Any tree has a possibility to become a bonsai tree, deciduous, coniferous and even tropical kinds. Among the popular choices are Japanese Elm bonsai, Crabapple bonsai, Rhododendron, Juniper bonsai, black Pine bonsai and many more. There are several options of making a bonsai – buying prebonsai tree, and another option is to grow your own tree from a seed, although this might take 3-5 yesrs.


However, the most difficult part of growing a bonsai tree is in cultivation. Pruning is the key to making trees in miniature. When pruning, it is important to maintain the natural shape of a tree, thus cutting unnecessary branches is very important. Bending and shaping of the bonsai trees usually occurs through wiring the branches with anodized aluminum or annealed copper. It is also important to take care of the bonsai tree as it grows, what generally depends on the type of a tree. So are you inspired to grown your own bonsai tree?

Bonsai Inspiration

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