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Installing Water Sprinkler System

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Water sprinklers are an essential part of your lawn, or garden! Here are some easy tips on installing the water sprinkler system fast and simple!


Adjusting Water Sprinkle Irrigation

So you have finally decided to install water sprinkler system? You already know about types of water sprinklers, now it is time to learn how to install it! First of all, consider the zones of where you plan to install your system, while thinking of those – consider the type of plants, soil and weather conditions and other important issues. Also think that a supply to the system should maintain a specific water pressure, and this would be about 35 to 45 lbs. per square inch.


Now you will need to place the controller in the appropriate place inside. Then outside you will need to line valve box with the ground level and make sure to remove the dirt from the box. Now attach all the major lines for each zone to the appropriate valve, and then dig trenches for main line and laterals, putting your lines down and installing fittings for sprinklers as you go. It is important to install traps and waste vents so the system can be drained in fall. Well, of course last steps include installing sprinkle heads, but be sure to put filter screens in spray heads and rotor sprayers to keep impurities from clogging the water channels. If the heads don’t pop up, the water pressure is too low. Remember that most systems are automatic, and can be set at a particualr time to start off and go out.


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