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How to Plan Garden in Small Area

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If the site is laid out incorrectly, it can threaten poor harvests, and inconvenient location of fruit trees and flower beds. To avoid this, it is important to carefully plan the garden layout and location on the site in advance. Our advices will help you in this issue.

How to Plan Fruit and Vegetable Garden in Small Area

Small garden

Small garden

Tree selection

It is important to choose plants based on climatic characteristics of the terrain. Spring moisture and freezing are dangerous for thermophilic peaches and apricots. And cherries will not tolerate the proximity of groundwater. Think in advance about whether to spend precious square footage for those trees that will bring a bad harvest.

Correct markup

In order to calculate the required number of trees, you must first apply all the buildings on the plan: house, barn, bath, fence, etc. We should remember that each of these objects cast a shadow, and hence can lead to poor plant development. Calculate the area that will be occupied by the shadow of more than half of the day. Then measure about half the height of the construction and shade this part of the plan. Thus, all the shaded areas are not the best place for fruit trees that need a large amount of light. But on this site you can locate garden paths, a pond, or a lawn.

Planting of trees

If you plant trees without further trimming, then 1000 ft2 can have no more than seven trees. Otherwise later they begin to interfere with each other with their overgrown branches.

Planting rows are arranged from south to north. With this arrangement, trees and shrubs cast less shade and you grow shade-tolerant plants in the intercrop.

Garden plan

Today, the garden does not necessarily have a rectangular shape. The main thing is that it was convenient to move there. However, there are some basic rules for a successful garden.

Some cultures (long onions, herbs) can be grown even under the trees, previously having fenced their circles.

For vegetables you should choose drafty areas or that area where water stagnates. The best place will be beds with fertile soil and a clear border. If you plant curly cucumbers or bean on a round bed, creating a middle frame in the form of a pyramid, there is a chance to get a high yield in a small area.

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