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How To Grow Moss

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Moss is a beautiful little green that will beautify any garden, grow almost anywhere (quiet literally), and will not ask much in terms of maintenance. As opposed to grass, moss doesn’t need mowing or fertilizing. Once this little guy is established it won’t even need watering. And with the climate situation that is right now, it’s a perfect lawn solution.

If you need another reason to grow moss, it’s green year round. You don’t have to deal with pests or disease or even weeds once it’s established.

Stone wall

Now for the growing part. Moss mostly grows in shade, which makes it a perfect plant for any garden nooks. It prefers acidic soil with pH 5.0 to 5.5, although most mosses will grow in any type of soil that provides a stable surface, regardless of pH. While it’s establishing or after transplanting, moss requires the site to be moist and humid for at least a three-week period.

So now that the conditions are clear, how does one actually plant moss? Well, moss doesn’t require much here either. You prep the site by removing leaves and debris, raking the soil and removing any growing plants or roots. You might need to dig out a trench if you are transplanting a moss cover, but usually you can just graze the soil slightly to loosen the very surface and plant your moss followed by pressing it into the ground (you may do it by walking over it) and watering generously.

Lawn ground

Once your moss has established your work is done and you may sit back and enjoy, occasionally blowing away the fallen leaves and debris that can kill it. If you would like to decorate your walls, tree stumps, and rocks with moss, read a simple how to in the end of this post.

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