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How to Grow Magnolia Tree

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One of the most interesting representatives of the flowering trees and shrubs is magnolia. It has more than 120 species. Magnolia can be flowering shrubs and trees, evergreen or deciduous. They can be planted separately or in groups. You can form the entire mall of them or a small garden of pure beauty.

Magnolia: Cultivation and Care

Magnolia tree  with pink flowers

Magnolia tree  with pink flowers

Wild magnolia is mostly spread in forests and on the banks of rivers in Asia, America, Brazil, Korea, China and Japan. Magnolia trees are very beautiful and can reach height of up to 16 feet. Their densely growing flowers appear in spring.

To grow a magnolia tree you need to select a spot in the garden or near the house. When planting magnolia consider very carefully what kind of a microclimate you can create in the specific area of the garden. Magnolia should be grown in a solar place preferably without a shadow. And it should not be exposed to the north or east winds.

Magnolia is propagated by cuttings, grafts or seeds. The seed method is most appropriate for us. It is time consuming and laborious, but allows us to get a seedling, resistant to various environmental stresses.

Next we immediately sow seeds in boxes with soil and put them in the cellar with an above-zero temperature. However, there are stable species that may be sown outdoors in autumn and covered with fallen leaves. As a result, these seedlings will be hardier.

Magnolia tree  with white flowers

Magnolia tree  with white flowers

In the first year seedlings are given a very small gain. Only by summer they give the first leaves and the plant starts growing. To mitigate the effects of winter factors the boxes with seedlings are put in a cool room. In spring yearlings already have height of 3-12 inches.

Then the plants are transplanted in special containers for further growth. The soil must be light and peat. And we must note that the calcareous soils are not good for magnolia. Magnolia trees need regular watering and fertilizing until the fall. By fall the tree can grow up to 3 feet.

In order to protect magnolia from frost, the plant should be moved to the room where it will continue growing until January. You should cut the leaves and put the plant in the cellar. And only in the spring, in the third year of growth the seedling gets stronger and can be planted at a preselected place in the garden. Now you need a lot of patience, because the time before you see the first flowers can take from 8 to 15 years.

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