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How to Grow Lemon Tree

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Many housewives grow ornamental and potted plants on windowsills. However, a plant can be not only beautiful, but also useful, like a fruit-bearing lemon tree.

How to Grow Lemon Tree from Seed

Lemon tree

Lemon tree

Lemon tree is considered an evergreen bush, which belongs to the Rutaceae family. Its leaves and twigs have a lot of glandular cells with pores that emit volatile and essential oils. Due to them the house is filled with a wonderful aroma, which is good for health.

Lemon tree looks interesting. It is a tree a small size, although the size depends on the variety – there are trees with height of almost 10 feet. Lemon tree has fleshy glossy dark green leaves, and small spines on the trunk. Lemon tree is beautiful in bloom. It has red-pink flowers outside and white flowers inside.

To grow lemon so that it could bring fruits, it is necessary to know the intricacies of its cultivation. Choose the largest and undamaged seeds, place them in small plastic containers with 3-4 drainage holes in them.

For best results, treat the seeds with a natural stimulator of germination. It is usually a solution of Gummatov sodium (it can be found in flower shops). The seeds must lie in the diluted solution during one day. This will give a good root system development in the future, and force for seedlings growth.

After that some experts recommend to treat seeds and seedlings with extra-Epinay and zircon to accelerate the growth of seedlings and development of resistance to the dry air and low light.

Select most germinating seeds and plant them in loose soil. It should be a mixture of loose soil and compost, turf and ground sheet. You will have to take in equal parts of them, and add an equal part of coarse sand. Planting depth should be no more than 0.7 inches. Wait for sprouting shoots from three to five months. Then collect the best shoots.

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