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How To Grow Delicious Herbs

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Growing herbs on a windowsill is a great idea for urban gardeners and chefs. They’re easy to pick, no weeding or such additional care is required as long as they are getting enough sun and water. But there are certain advantages to growing your herbs in the garden, especially as delicious as these.

Grow Delicious Herbs In Your Garden

The herbs that are grown in the garden don’t only give higher yields, but are also more flavorful. Another great benefit of outdoor gardening is that there is much more available space, so you can really pick your herbs and grow and grow and grow.




If you love cooking and appreciate Asian cuisine, you must have come across lemongrass, a tropical herb with a refreshing citrus flavor. It is often used to infuse soups and teas with its mild, but very distinct flavor, which is definitely more lemon than grass.

Since it is a tropical plant, growing it outdoors is possible in zone 8 or warmer. Otherwise, you may need to move it indoors during cold seasons, but it can easily adapt, especially in a rich, well-drained soil (no clay), and full sun. You can take a store-bought stalk, peel off the dead layers and put it into shallow water and in the sun. Once the stalk gives roots, you can plant it in soil with composted manure giving each stalk 24 inch spacing. Also watch out for lemongrass in a pot, as the root overgrowth may burst through it.


Summer savory

Satureja hortensis

There are summer and winter savory that belong to annuals and perennials respectively. Aptly named after its flavor, summer savory will offer you a bit more sweetness than its winter counterpart. This annual grows up to 18 inches and blooms with light purple to pink flowers.

To grow it successfully you’ll need conditions that allow it full sun, well-drained, organic rich soil with pH of 6.7 to 7.3. Plant it in spring and water regularly till it’s established. Whether you choose to plant a more piney winter savory or sweet summer savory expect harvest in 70 days since planting.


Artemisia dracunculus

Artemisia dracunculus

Tarragon,  French tarragon specifically, is a flavorful little herb that is easy to grow and hardy enough to grow in Zones 4 – 9. Like many other herbs it likes a well-drained loamy sandy soil and full sun (partial shade is required in scorching climates for the hottest part of day).

You can get tarragon started from cuttings (but not seeds) and plant in spring and fall. Prune your plant regularly and divide each 3-4 years in spring.

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