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How To Grow Avocados

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Growing an avocado in the garden seems like a great idea. But even if you don’t have a climate for it, it can become an indoor plant and the best thing is all you have to do is eat an avocado, clean the pit and plant it halfway bottom down (pointy end at the top) in a pot full or clean garden dirt or potting soil. This is easier than the toothpick method where you should change water every few days to ensure your sprout’s health.

Tips On Growing Avocados

Avocado tree

Whatever method you use for sprouting your future avocado tree? you want to be patient as germination period can take up to 6-8 weeks. If you have planted the seed from the start you should water it regularly but not let the soil get soggy. Avocados don’t like being over-watered soil and require good drainage. If you want your plant to grow new shoots cut the stem by half to promote new growth but once it grows bigger you’ll need to re-pot it, which should be done in spring. Be sure to keep your plant in full sun to let it thrive.

If you are planting an avocado tree in your garden, note that it grows in zones 10-11 and requires at least 20 feet of space because of its very extensive root system. Plant it in Spring to avoid sun damage in summer and if you live in a colder climate it’s best to plant it in a pot and move indoors during windy, freezing weather. Water your young avocado tree 2-3 times a week but let the soil dry between waterings. Later you can limit watering to once a week.

You will start seeing fruit from a planted tree in 3-4 years, while it can take 5 to 13 years for a seed to grow and mature and produce fruit. By the way, since avocados ripen off the tree you can pick one fruit at a time whenever you need and leave them on a tree without problems.

Have you tried growing avocado from seed or tree? Did it produce fruit? How long did it take?

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