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How to Create Moon Garden

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Rhythm of modern life often does not leave us any free time to relax enjoying the images of our own garden. When we return home late in the evening, we have an amazing opportunity to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle in the garden, which looks elegant and mysterious in the moonlight.

Moon Garden Design Tips

Moon garden design

Moon garden design

The basic idea of ​​such a garden is to create a composition of plants, all the beauty and originality of which are disclosed after sunset. Plants with white flowers and silver foliage are used in a “moon” garden as these colors best reflect the moonlight. Flowers of such plants will fill the night garden with mystery, great charm and allure.

The idea of ​​creating lunar gardens is not new: centuries ago in China there were gardens for meditation, the main elements of which were white sand and moonlight reflecting surface of water. Then moonlit gardens were created in India, and later they became popular in America and Europe.

One of the major things in creating the moon garden is choosing the right place: a garden should be open to moonlight. Walk through your garden in the moonlight and see what corners of the garden are flooded with it. These are the best places to create such a garden. Try to avoid places, where large trees and shrubs cast shadows.

Take into account that nights are not always moonlit, so try to choose the place where your garden will be lit by the light from the windows of the house, terrace or porch as well. Landscape lights can also be used on cloudy nights when the sky is overcast.

Do not forget to provide a cozy place for your contemplation of lunar garden. It could be a favorite chair by the window of your room, an open porch or a patio.

Most plants need direct sunlight every day for at least 6 hours. If the location of your moon garden plants does not provide the proper amount of sun, then use shade-loving plants like plantain lily, Astilbe, or lungwort.

In the summer months the moon illuminates the garden more on the south side, so the lowest plants should be located to the south, and higher – in the northern, western and eastern parts of the garden.

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