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How to Create “Lazy” Garden

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The dream of many residents of country houses is a garden that grows and blooms “by itself ” without requiring care, without all worries with fertilizing, pruning and watering. Let’s try to create such garden. What do we need for that? Here you will finds some basic tips for growing a maintenance-free garden.

How to Build Maintenance-Free Garden

Maintenance-free garden

Maintenance-free garden

General principles and rules

We need to solve two problems: to choose the right plants and plant them successfully. This means, that at first, we should take into account the requirements of the plants and features of the territory allocated for the garden; combine with each other only those flowers that prefer the same or similar conditions.

Regarding the choice of plants, it is necessary to give preference to unpretentious and undemanding species.


If you have a lowland, wet, and boggy site, then plant moisture-loving plants. Place “lovers of heat” in the sun, and flowers that naturally grow on dry rocky areas on sandy or rocky soils. If you meet this condition, the plants will require minimal care, because they fall into a familiar environment for them.


Creating a garden, we want to admire it from early spring to late fall, don’t we? So, picking up plants, we should take care that they have reached the peak of their beauty not simultaneously, but alternately. In addition, the plants should hide each other’s shortcomings, if any.

For example, bulbous flowers look good in early spring as soon as the snow melts, but by the end of May they lose their appeal. What can be sadder than faded foliage? But we cannot cut them ahead of time. So, we must disguise them. Hosts, Astilbe, Aquilegia, cuff and many other undemanding plants will cope with this task.

Maintenance-free garden

Maintenance-free garden


Creating a “lazy” garden, it is important to follow the nature’s “prompts” as closely as possible. So landscaped, natural style will be the ideal options for a “lazy” garden. Rustic (country) style is also possible. And forget about the classic style: strict forms and streamlined lines can not be combined with our maintenance-free garden.

If you want to create a rocky garden, give preference to rockeries, which repeats outlines of natural rock debris or other natural scenery. Attractive Japanese rock gardens and other stylish “oriental delights” as classic rock garden, require care and regular attention.

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