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How to Create Allyary

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Due to long term flowering, ornamental varieties of onions, endowed with the original form of flowers and a variety of colors, are increasingly being used to create onion rock gardens, now known as “allyary”. Allyary arrangement must begin with selecting a suitable site. Experts advise to prefer open, well-lit area of the garden, located close to residential or commercial buildings. Original solution would be to create a track of angular slabs of rough shape, leading to the onion slide.

What is Allyary and How to Create It

Allyary, decorative onion garden

Allyary, decorative onion garden

A prerequisite for the proper arrangement of Allyary is an area clean from perennial weeds that can grow even from a small piece of rhizome. That is why it is necessary to approach the territory cleaning with due diligence.

Direct creation onion slides are advised to begin with the preparation of a drainage layer consisting of gravel or expanded clay with a layer of sand over it. Decorative onion does not require additional feeding, but it is not forbidden to add peat topsoil.

An additional element of the decor is considered snags and picturesque rocks, which should be half dug into the ground, to ensure their quality reinforcement. It is advisable to choose large-sized flat stones, as they can subsequently used to stand up on them at planting.

Allyary, decorative onion garden

Allyary, decorative onion garden

Planting of decorative onion should be planned a year after the arrangement of onion rock garden, as during this period the earth has time to settle and the stones will take a stable position.

Choosing varieties of decorative onion, you need to examine thoroughly the characteristics of vegetation types. Decorative onion is a perennial plant and it greatly simplifies the arrangement of Allyary since there is no need for annual planting.

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