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How to Build a Greenhouse

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Do you like your garden and want to expand it, making flowers bloom throughout the year? Well, then we can help you with that, providing instructions on how to build a greenhouse!


Greenhouse Installation

Greenhouse is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your favorite garden during the long dreamy winter nights. Greenhouse, can also be a great retreat to spend some quality time with yourself, or perhaps with your favorite book? So, if you are excited to build your own greenhouse, here are some tips for beginners!

First of all, you need to think of location of your greenhouse. North is the least desired location, while the south and southeast sides are very productive in terms of light distribution. Make sure that no trees shade your greenhouse entirely, because this way your plants won’t get enough sunshine. You need to maximize the sun exposure during winter, thus avoid locating greenhouse near the evergreen trees. Another points to consider before building the greenhouse are: drainage, source of heat, electricity, water and of course shelter from weather, especially the wind.
Now, you will need to select the type that you want: either you are attaching the greenhouse to an existing structure, such as garage, or it will be standing by itself? How big will your greenhouse be? For starters it would logical to choose the smaller kind, because this way you can test your skills and harm less plants, in case something goes wrong. Once you have chosen the type, lets consider what materials do you need for greenhouse installation: framing structure (made of wood, or metal), a material for coverage (glass, fiberglass, polyethylene films), ventilation system, lights. Some people just buy a framing structure and construct the greenhouse by themselves, with the available materials. You see, construction of greenhouse can be either extremelly simple or unbelievably hard. Start with the simple, and if you like the idea, consider trying the harder version to grow something unusual, or even make you own plants?

Greenhouse Inspiration

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