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How Gardening Can Elevate Your Happiness

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We all know gardening can bring a smile to our face and entirely renovate a dead space. However, there are many more benefits to having a green thumb than just adding a splash of colour to your lawn. Through taking care of your garden you can actually elevate your own happiness and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Gardening Makes Your Life Better

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Stress Relief

An experiment has proven that 30 minutes of gardening can significantly decrease your stress levels. So, when you’re feeling stressed, simply getting outside into some fresh air and having your turn at weeding and watering can really help to rejuvenate your energy levels and offer an alternative to the stresses of daily life.


When given the blank canvas that is an empty garden, you can choose to decorate it any way you wish! If you’re not particularly gifted in the arts then gardening can give you the chance to express yourself and de-stress from a busy day! .


Although pottering around your garden may not initially seem like the best source of exercise, if it gets you out into the fresh air and gets your blood moving then it can only be a good idea. The tasks and diverse movements involved in gardening allow you to stay fit and healthy while appreciating the outdoors.


Gardening can teach you some key skills that can keep you interested. Knowing how to maintain a healthy garden can come in very handy when your friends decide they need a gardener or when your neighbour’s plants are dying and they need some help!


Finally, gardening can be a very sociable hobby, especially in comunity gardens, as you are given the opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded people who share a common interest. This will allow you to really make the most of everything that a commitment to gardening can offer.

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