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Herterton House Gardens

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Britain is famous for its historic gardens, created in rich houses by the famous gardeners of the past. But sometimes small private spaces  are no less interesting, which are created by passionate people for several decades. They eschew the trendy innovations and are quietly engaged in creating their own paradise.

Herterton House Gardens in England

Herterton House Gardens

Herterton House Gardens

Herterton House Garden, which is administered by the spouses Marjorie and Frank Lawley, refers specifically to such gardens. It is located a few miles from Kirkharle, the very town, where once the great Lancelot Brown was born, and now can quite match his grandiose and sweeping landscapes.

Lawley settled in an abandoned house in the Elizabethan era in 1976. The last owners left it 16 years before that. There was no sign of the garden around, just peat fields that are typical for the areas on the border of England and Scotland. Energetic and enthusiastic spouses began to restore the house and creating the garden, the image of which they formed after reading books on the history of gardening, particularly Country Garden for housewives , 1617 written by William Lawson.

During World War II gardens with many noble houses were diverted to the production of fruits and vegetables. For this reason, precious herbaceous plants, collected from catalogs in the 1930 years or grown in many cottage gardens by generations of gardeners, have been lost. But these rare plants can still be found in a semi-wild form in the most unusual places. And the Lawley are searching for such samples and then grow them in their garden.

Graham Stuart Thomas had a considerable influence on the formation and development of the Herterton Garden. He was actively engaged in the restoration of the gardens belonging to the National Trust UK. The Lawley met him in Wallington in the 1960s, where he was restoring one of the gardens at that time.

The garden is decorated with exquisite silver benches, stone bowls and a pair of stone figures of the 16th century – Viking and the Huntsman, who is believed to have once served as decoration of one of the frontier forts of Northumberland.

When the plants in the garden grow strongly and are too unruly, they are transplanted in the demonstration beds.

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