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Herbs With Incredible Blooms

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As you  might know herbs are widely used for cooking purposes, and some of the meals just simply can’t go without a delicious basil or oregano. However, herbs can also add some beauty into your yard or a container garden with their charming blooms. Here are some herbs that produce incredible blooms, so let’s start reading.

Most Amazing Blooming Herbs

Thai Basil

Thai Basil Purple Blooms

Thai Basil

Thai Basil produces incredibly lush purple flowers that grow in clusters. Being an annual plant, it is an exotic variety of basil with a strong licorice scent. Thai basil blooms in late summer and the leaves are losing flavor once the flowers appear.

Thai basil grows pretty well in a company of rosemary, as both of these plants need the same soil conditions. Thai basil enjoys sunny locations and can be watered on a daily basis.



Rosemary In Bloom

Well, since we have already mentioned rosemary in our review, why don’t we write more about it. Rosemary produces pale blue-purple flowers set against pale green sharp leaves, however, other types can produce quite intense bloom hues. This plant can be drought-tolerant, however, if you do plant it with Thai Basi, remember that the latter needs more water. The flowers appear in early summer.



Spearmint With Incredible Flowers

This plant produces incredible lilac-pink bells that grow in clusters and appear by midsummer. Although spearmint is quite tasty, and the flowers are pretty – this herb is invasive, so be sure to check with the local gardening requirements. This is a perennial plant that can grow up to 3 feet, so remember to allow it extra space when planting.

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple sage

Pineapple Sage Flowers

This herb produces a nice sweet pineapple fragrance. The scarlet flowers start to appear by the end of summer. This perennial herb enjoys well drained soil with full sun exposure and regular watering. The pineapple sage needs plenty of space to grow, so allow it some extra space when planting. If the plant starts to wilt you can cut the leaves that are withering, and herb will eventually be back to life.

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