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Hedge Ideas for a Garden

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Making a hedge for your garden, or outdoor area is an excellent idea for building a privacy wall, and in addition it would be quite green with awesome lush border. Here are some ideas for making the perfect hedge!


Growing A Hedge Wall

If you are thinking of growing a wall that will protect you from the passersby gazing over – growing a hedge wall would be perfect. Alternatively, growing the hedge can just be for outlining the borders of your borders. Among the things you also need to consider, there are formal and informal hedge shapes, the formal being the strict box like border, while the informal is only distantly reminiscent of the wall. Also, the hedge can be from evergreen plants, as well as from deciduous plants. A certain plus, for those who likes to smell their garden, the evergreen ones also carry a certain smell around!


So, for the formal garden, one of popular choices are yew, as it looks elegant however there are certain drawback – as it is quite expensive and slow growing. Among other things, people sometimes choose boxwood, as it also makes dense edging. Choosing on formal and informal should be easy, since you will need to set out your priorities – if you want a fast growing hedge, it is probably best to stick to informal type, which could be created with cypress. For instance, hedge-leaved Leyland cypress is pretty fast-growing and relatively cheap. However, if you want to go for a more attractive cypress look, choose Lawson cypress.


Among the deciduous choices, the beech as a plant should be an excellent choice, as it is very dense, attractive that retains the leaves even the winter time. Japanese barberry is also a good choice for an informal garden hedge, as it is not only pretty but provides also good screening. However, remember that the most important in all hedges is to trim them from time to time, even if they are informal. Trimming should be done each year, but not get too much work for yourself, try to cut those rebellious twigs down!

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