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Guide To Parterre Gardening

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A parterre garden is a garden that is enclosed by a green hedge, inside of which grow the plants of your choice. You are probably already familiar with it, because its other name is formal garden. However, formal gardens are almost always rather big, but how about making a small version of the parterre garden right in your yard?

Parterre Gardening Tips

Parterre Gardening

Growing Small Panterre Garden By Dorling Kindersley

It is best to do this project in spring, when certain plants need to be planted already. In order to make a small parterre garden, measuring 3×4 feet you will spend about 5 hours of your time. For the project you will need:

  • small boxwood plants, ‘Suffruticosa’ & 1 bay tree (Laurus nobilis)
  • shrubby herbs, such as rosemary, lavender, curry plant, cotton lavender and thyme — 3 plants per segment
  • shovel & rake
  • organic matter
  • landscape fabric
  • measuring tape & chalk
  • short stakes & sharp knife
  • gravel or slate chippings

First step is to prepare the soil with a rake as the area should be clean from debris and weeds. Then you can add some compost or fertilizers to the soil, and again level the soil with a rake. To suppress the weeds from coming into your little garden, lay out the area with a good landscaping fabric. Then mark the edges of the fabric with little stakes, marking the places for the boxwood plants.

Parterre Gardening

Planting Boxwood In Little Panterre Garden

Now to plant the boxwood, make cuts in the landscaping fabric exactly where you marked the spots with poles. Then insert the little boxwood plants into the soil. When are you done planting the boxwood by the perimeter, start arranging your herbs on the fabric while they are still in their pots. Once you are done with that, cover the whole area of the panterre garden with slate chippings. They will cover up the landscaping fabric, while retaining moisture. Now your little herb panterre garden is ready.

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