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Growing Seedlings

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Growing seedlings is a long, tedious, but such an enjoyable process. Seeing how a small seed is becoming a new plant and taking care of it is a lot of pleasure and moral satisfaction from the results of our efforts.

How to Grow Seedlings

Seedlings grow

Seedlings grow

Once you have chosen a plant, you need to choose the right container or containers for growing seedlings. It is worth noting that the young plants may be exposed to various diseases. And to prevent them, it is better to use small plastic trays or bowls at the beginning. They can be disinfected without undue problems unlike wooden containers, which can be affected by pathogens. Moreover, it will not be easy to remove microflora. Bigger seeds may be sown in trays with cells. Pots made ​​of peat composition will also be well suited.

You can use universal or special-purpose compost as a soil for seedlings. The prepared container should be filled with slightly moistened and trampled compost.

It is desirable to mix small seeds with sand before sowing. Do not pour the seeds directly from a bag. It is better to sow from the palm by passing them between your fingers. Small seeds are usually left open, and large ones are sprinkled with the compost or vermiculite. The height of the powder should not exceed two diameters of the seed. It would be helpful to use a sieve to get plain layer of powder. The powder is covered by glass or craft paper. When paper gets wet, it is necessary to change it.

Good seeds grow at a temperature of +62 +64 ° F. A small greenhouse with heating in this case will be the ideal option. Seedlings grow well also on the windowsill in the house with central heating and good lighting. If the house is not lit enough with natural light, then you should provide additional artificial light, especially in the evening hours.

When the young crops appear, you need to remove the paper, or to lift the glass. Subsequently, the glass is completely removed, and the seedlings are transferred to the lighted place without direct sunlight. Containers with seedlings are periodically turned to the light by the various parties. It is better to use a sprayer for watering. It provides uniform watering of the compost.

When the plant has produced two leaflets, it is ready for swordplay. Thereafter, the seedlings are planted in boxes at a distance of not less than 1 inch from each other. The plants are placed in shadow for a few days after picking, keeping the temperature regime +48 +50 ° F. The plants are watered if necessary.

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