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Growing a Garden that Attracts Life

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When starting to grow a garden, you are certainly aware of what possibilities and responsibilities it brings to you: because now your garden is a little eco-system that needs other organisms to be dwelling or visiting it. Here you will find certain things that can help you in growing a garden that attracts life!


Attracting Life to a Garden

Garden, being a little eco-system of its own certainly needs some boost to get attraction from life organisms, and we are not talking about flower-eating deers, of squirrels, but the butterflies and birds that are beneficial to the garden. Certain types of greenery are attracting the special kind of pollinators. Of course it would be perfect, if the plants that you plant should be local to your place, and this way you can be sure that your plants will get pollinated by the local birds and butterflies. But usually this is not possible.


One of the ways to attract birds is to ensure the access to food and to basics needs. “If you provide food, water and a place to nest, you will get wildlife,” said Louise Hodges, a landscape designer with 20 years of experience. So, if you think of attracting birds into your garden, make sure that you have bird feeders with some food for the birds, some water and appropriate nest – you will get the birds! By the way, the nesting place can be anything from a bush, or dense foliage of trees, or a special box that you have made with your own hands, while the water resource can be even a small pond. If you want to attract a hummingbird, you should know that they are attracted to red and like perennials. So, perfect plants for a hummingbird would be honeysuckle vine, or plant bright, attractive perennials, such as red-hot poker. An Eucalyptus tree would be perfect for attracting hummingbirds, birds and butterflies. Yucca, which blooms in summer and fall, and can be used as “guards ” of the garden, because of their pointy “foliage”. So, first do some research on what butterflies and birds are inhabiting your region, then plant something that attracts them, and this will be your first step in growing a garden that attracts life.

Alive Garden

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