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Grow Your Tamarind Tree

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Have you ever grown a Tamarind tree? Here you will find two ways of how to grow the Tamarind tree. Try this out and then you will have a palm tree in your garden, or indoors.

Ways to Grow a Tamarind Palm Tree


Tamarind Seeds

There are two ways to grow a palm tree from Tamarind seeds.

The first is that the seed must be left in the air so that it is well dried up for a couple of days.

Then it should be filled with hot water and left it for the night. From this the seed shall swell.

The following day, find a small box and fill it with moist sawdust. In this capacity, place the swollen seed in and place it in a warm spot.

Watch the filings, as soon as they dry, they should be slightly wetted.

After a month the first sprout of the seed should be seen in the sawdust.

When this happens, choose a suitable pot with height of about 7 cm, fill it with a mixture of 4 parts of sand, 2 parts of sod land, 2 parts of humus, 2 parts of peat soil and parts of charcoal.

Plant a sprouted seed. Be careful when transplanting seedlings. Do everything carefully to the remains of the seed, still feeding the germ does not come off of it.

So, palm began to grow. When it reaches the 10 cm in height, transplant into a new container.

Do not forget that Tamarind do not tolerate transplanting very well, and be extremely careful.

The best way to rearrange the palm tree is having it in the small pot into a bigger one. In its young ages of growing it needs to be replanted every year.

When it is over five years, reduce the frequency of stops and do it every 2-3 years. Each subsequent transplanting increases the amount of sod soil.

From the age of 15 Tamarind can be transplanted again for 5-6 years. S

Select a not wide container for the palm tree, and the high pot, because this palm has quite long roots.

Protect the tree from direct sunlight and partial shade that gives it a bright diffused light.

To let the crown of the Tamarind develop evenly, it must be rotated from time to time. Make sure that the top of the last young leaf does not look at the window and into the room. Watering should be first of all with defended water at room temperature. Especially, abundant watering a plant requires in the spring and summer period.

Use spray or a wet sponge and wet the leaves of palm trees.

Every two weeks, fertilize it with special fertilizing, and every week in the summer and spring time.

As for the air temperature, then for the optimal development of palm trees, it should be maintained at 8-15 ° C in winter and 18-20 ° C in the summer.

With the arrival of summer it is very useful to make tamarind to fresh air: the balcony or in the garden. In this case, choose a place protected from the wind. Once dead foliage appears on the plant, immediately break off it.

The second way to grow the palm of date is to make a small incision in the middle to. This is necessary, because the shell itself is quite strong, and the sprout can not get through it. By doing this, place the future palm in a high earthen pot with a mixture of fertilize with humus and top cover with foil.

You will need to keep the soil constantly moist. The first will sprout in about a month and a half. When this happens, take care of them as described above.

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