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Greenery That Goes Well Together

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If you are growing a garden, that is edible, you already know that certain vegetables and fruits just can go together! Here are some basics you should know, on certain greenery combinations that go well together!


Vegetables To Plant Together

Following the preceding post on what vegetables should not ever be planted together, this is a certain must know – because here you will find certain recommendations on what plants go well together. First of all, if you are an avid gardener, or just the beginner you have probably heard about the three sisters! Three sisters is a set of three plants, which are known to be planted together for centuries by Native Americans, and these plants are: beans, corn and summer squash. The corn provides support for the beans, while growing, while beans bring nitrogen to the soil, while squash is fighting of the weeds. This is a classic way to show how team work can strengthen the crops.


Another perfect combination is Onions, Radishes and Carrots, another famous trio. Onion is a savior for the carrots, because it releases allicin, attributed to the smelly part of the onion. This smell scares away the carrot fly, the most dangerous insect for the carrot. The purpose of radishes in this trio is rather simply, as radishes grow faster than do carrots, and they are also root plants – the radishes just indicate where the carrots are. Simple and genius!


The basil and tomatoes are one of the most surprising combinations! They both are grown during the warmer seasons, and need moist soil and both prefer well drained soil. However, here is a trick – the hornworm, the scariest enemy of tomatoes, is terrified by the smell of basil! Moreover, tomatoes only become tastier if grown with basil, and basil& tomato is a very popular combination!


The last in our list of greenery that goes well together are green beans, pepper and eggplant! Since, pepper and eggplant are both relatives, as they are members of the nightshade family – they need practically the same conditions: subtropical. Moist soil is also preferable for green beans as well as for the above mentioned. Moreover – the time of harvesting is the same for them – midsummer. But the most important factor for planting these three together is that eggplants are protected from Colorado potato beetle, if planted near green beans. Enjoy gardening, and don’t be afraid to learn something new!

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