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Greenery Not to Plant together

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It is not a secret that when planting a garden, there are certain rules of planting. If you are starting a new garden, or giving an extension to the existing one, here are some basic rules of what greenery should not ever be planted together!


Basics of planting vegetables

It won’t be a secret to you, if you are an avid gardener that there are certain plants that are not meant to be together. However, if you are just starting your own garden, you should know about peculiarities of planting certain vegetables, berries and such together. So here it goes.

If you are planting anything from the cabbage family, known also as Cruciferous vegetables of the family Brassicaceae (also called Cruciferae), they should not be planted anywhere near strawberry. These vegetables includes cauliflower, cabbage, cress, bok choy, broccoli and similar green leaf vegetables. Strawberry seriously affects the growth of the cabbage family plants.


One of the most popular vegetables, the tomatoes and potatoes should not be planted together. But, the reason for that is not that these vegetables are eternal foes! The reason is pretty simple, yet very logical – if you plant these two vegetables together, the blight might travel easily to these two and wipe out your garden completely!


Another interaction between plants is also concerned with insects and infestation, and this is about planting corn and tomatoes together. Tomato plants attract the worm, which also eat the corn. So, this might be quite a problem if you plant these two together. There are even two distinct names for the same type of a worm: when chewing on tomatoes it is the tomato fruit worm, while when it is ravaging corn it is called corn earworm.


The last in our list would be onion and peas interaction, which is negative. When planted together they affect the growth rate of each other, and that includes garlic and peas as well. Besides the beans and peas, the onion and garlic go very bad with asparagus, but actually onions go well with strawberries.

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