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Gravel Walkways Ideas

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Gravel walkways compliment both formal and informal gardens, providing boundaries between planted areas or guiding visitors on a tour of the garden. Walkways link different areas of the garden together, giving a unified and planned appearance that is both practical and attractive. Gravel, with its natural tones and hard wearing properties, is a material that’s both functional and decorative.

Ideas for a gravel path for your garden

Stone Edged Gravel Pathways

Gravel pathways bring character and easy maintenance to your landscape. Here, stone edging keeps the gravel out of the planting areas, but doesn’t detract from the informal look. Surrounded by colorful plantings, the path is wide enough for two people to stroll side by side without disturbing the scenery.

Curving Gravel Walkways

Curving along outcroppings, this path helps join the rock garden to the lawn while acting as a buffer between them. The casual curve of the pathway brings a more relaxed air, while the gravel is easy to install and maintain. Plastic edging, such as on this walkway, is a good material to frame the path with, as it is both durable and flexible.

Pathways with Multiple Points of Interest

One of the great things about gravel pathways is that they do not have to follow a specific outline. This garden boasts a gravel path with a multitude of wide spots and points of interest, allowing guests to choose their own route through the garden. Beautiful greenery stretches out onto portions of the walkway to make visitors feel as if they are right in the heart of the garden.

River Rocks Frame the Path

Give your path a relaxed appeal with a few informal curves and a frame made of various sizes of rocks. Here, smooth river rocks edge the path, with the different sizes and shapes adding to the casual charm. The narrow pathway moves guests through the garden to the archway beyond.

Rustic Appeal of Gravel Walkways

Gravel pathways are ideal for looking as though they belong in nature. This rustic-looking path has plants growing over the edges to make guests feel as though they are walking through the woods. For a more earthy appeal in your landscape, hold off on the edging and be sure to make the path look as though it was always meant to be there with plants that frame the walkway.

Gravel Paths with a Formal Appeal

Gravel can easily be used for a more formal garden. Here, well-maintained boxwood hedges form the edges for the gravel path, lending a grand appeal complete with straight lines and strict symmetry. The path leads visitors around the grounds to allow them to take in the views.

Gravel Walkways for a Natural Touch

A gravel pathway can be the perfect addition to your garden. Here, two spheres form an entrance to beckon visitors. With blooming greenery surrounding the area, the path blends in beautifully with the natural appeal of this garden.

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