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Good Potting Soil Tips

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As a fan of everything green, you know that good garden require good soil. It might seem that any soil would be perfect, however that is not true. Follow these easy tips on making a good soil for your plants, and you will see the difference!


Making Good Potting Soil

It might seem that the prefabricated potting soil that is available at the majority of the gardening stores would be perfect for any plants, however, you must know better that it is not. The potting soil mixes can be too dense for your plants and using them might just too dangerous! However, you can make a potting soil mix that would best suit your garden, and this way you know and control the ingredients.


So, to prepare the best potting soil mix you will need to have handy the following ingredients: Potting soil, Peat moss, Perlite, Fertilizer, Lime. So, first you will need to pour one bushel of regular potting soil in a large bucket. The use of regular potting soil is justified, because it is a good base to start. Then, add one bushel of peat moss, and if the moss is too dense, spray it with water, so it would be easier to mix it. Another plus in making the peat moss damp is that it won’t fly away once it is free from the plastic bag.


Now it is time for other ingredients to follow. Add one bushel of perlite to the mixture. The perlite can be substituted by coarse builder’s sand, but it is heavier and harder to move. Perlite is good for aeration, as it makes the soil loose. It is important to include perlite because the peat moss would be effective this way. Next step is to mix all of the ingredients in the bucket. Because the soil needs to be rather damp, adding water would be beneficial. Now, the last step is to add the fertilizer, 1/2 cup of balanced fertilizer such as 8-8-8 or 10-10-10, and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of lime to the mixture and mix to blend. Now, you potting mixture is ready! But before you start planting, it is best to test it on some plant. So, experiment and remember that your plants deserve the best!

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