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Getting rid of Moles

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Moles, gopher – all these unpleasant guests that visit your garden and create much confusion! However, don’t panic there is a way to get rid of them from your outdoors for good!


Driving off Unwanted Subterranean Animals

So, you have discovered unwanted subterranean guests in your garden? Ok, then this means there is certainly something appealing for them in your garden. First thing you need to do is to find out what kind of little animals visit your garden. Moles don’t eat the fruit, they eat grubs and earthworms, while they may annoy you by creating underground tunnels. Gophers, on the other hand can eat up the underground roots of the bedded plants, creating chaos out of organized and beautiful garden. So now you know moles and gophers cause problems with irrigation and uprooting plants.


Since they are not really causing much nuisance, the best idea is to get rid of those rodents while not harming or killing them. One of the popular methods of driving these subterranean animals away is to use castor oil. Pour 2 table spoons of dish soap and 1 table spoons castor oil into a large bowl, then create foam by mixing. Then add 6 table spoons of water to the mixture and continue mixing. When it has a structure of a shaving cream, stop. Spray this mixture over your property, and reapply each week or so to keep it effective.


Another idea is quite original, but might be as affective: use dogs or cats. Moles and other rodents are afraid of these animals, therefore their scent near by should drive these subterranean creatures away. Now, the most violent ideas is to wait for the rodents to move in their tunnels and trap them with two shovels, and likewise mousetraps can be used. Good luck with getting rid of these unpleasant creatures!


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