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Get Rid of Outdoor Rats

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To remove rats you must take the necessary steps to maintain and clean up areas outside that can attract rats. Controlling rats from the moment you first sight them is also important as they will eventually find their way inside, especially during the colder months. Hardware stores carry many rat deterrents. You can also find products online.

Tips for getting rid of rats outside

  • Don’t panic. First, remove their source of food. Switch to tightly sealed trash cans. Remove anything from the yard they might enjoy eating. This includes but is not limited to animal feces, fruit or nuts from trees and food for your pets.
  • Next, keep the yard well maintained. Remove anywhere they might like to live. Mow the grass regularly. Trim any overgrown brush or trees. Rake and dispose of any fallen leaves.
  • Determine what kind of rat deterrent is right for the job.Visit a hardware store or search online to purchase the deterrent. If you have no children or pets, a bait blocker is recommended. The bait blocker is a small station that rats will go into because they are attracted to the paste/bait you place inside. Once inside the rat will not be able to get out of the station. The bait is poisonous, so the rat will die from eating it.
  • Many will leave or die now that their food and shelter are gone. However, for the rats that remain, put out traps. Snap traps are highly effective. Place bait on the trap such as bacon, liver, cheese or raisins. If one bait doesn’t work, try another. You could also consider poison or glue traps.
  • Last but not least, buy a natural predator. Dogs, cats and barn owls are rats natural predators.

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    July 7, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    For a lot of garden owners their unique garen pest will be the gopher.
    These are known as Sciuridae because of their large bushy tails.
    They can enter the house through holes no larger than a man’s
    little finger.