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Garden Mulching Basics

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Mulching is a very important process, that can enhance the growth of plants in your garden, however there are certain basics that you should know before starting the process. Here we would discuss the basic tips on garden mulching.


Mulching Tips

Mulching has several positive effects on the garden, including water retention, it also insulates the soil which helps to deal with temperature extremes, some mulching materials also help to get rid of the insects. So, since you are aware of the benefits of garden mulching, you should also know about the materials which are used for this procedure, such as pine needles, cedar and straw, hay, pine straw, dry leaves, wood shavings or dry grass clippings. Some even add nutrients, but that is not required.


So, before starting the mulching procedure prepare the surface: it should be clean of any weeds, or you would be mulching the weeds as well and we don’t really want that, do we? Make sure that your plant, either flowers or vegetable garden is strong enough and is at least 4 inches high. Now, depending on the material your use, there would be certain differences on mulching procedure.


If you are using sawdust and other wood derived mulch, use ammonium nitrate to retain nitrogen. If you use cedar chunks, you will need to water the soil first and of course remove the weeds, and same applies if you are using pine needles. So, start applying the mulch thoroughly to each part of your garden.


Make sure that you have at least three to five inches deep of mulch, and spread the mulch carefully. In cold climates, mulching should be done every spring, however in climates with a 12 month growing season, replace mulch every six month, if it is cedar mulch. If it is pine needle mulch, replace not earlier than three months, because pine needles break down really slowly. So, with these basic rules of garden mulching, you should be able to start mulching yourself. Good luck!

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