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Garden Jobs to Do in January

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In January, it’s time to check the condition of your garden: start trimming, pay attention to repair and correct preparation of garden tools, as well as the preparation of planting material.

Major Garden Jobs to Do in January

Garden in January

Garden in January

Winter storage of fruits

Fruits will be preserved until spring just in case, if they are healthy and without mechanical damage. Do preventive inspection of fruits, which were harvested for winter: remove spoiled pieces, as they can spoil all winter stores.

Preparation of seeds

Sort planting material by size and shelf life, warm and disinfect seeds, check them for germination (plant few seeds and make sure that they germinate within the time frame).

Repair of garden tools

Sharpen tools with a small file, a thread file or on a special grinder, which not only hones, but also makes saws and hacksaws tooth setting. If there is rust on tools, then remove it and treat them with WD-40 to prevent corrosion.

Works to protect from rodents

Check winter protection of trees and shrubs from rodents. From voles and hares boughs and trunks treat branches and trunks with rosin alcohol based solution or another compound that can be purchased at any garden store.

Snow retention

Tackle snow retention to moisten the soil in the spring and not to give the plants freeze in the cold. Shovel the snow from the empty beds and paths under the trees and tree trunks. Compacted snow will be melting for a long time in the spring and the trees will get more moisture. And it will protect the root system in severe frosts.

Winter garden

Plants that bloom in winter should be regularly watered and fed. Move them closer to the light and keep the temperature from 16 to 18 ° C. Plants that are in a state of rest, should not to be fed until the spring. Do not be afraid if winter flowers will lose most of their leaves. These losses will be compensated by new leaves and shoots with the onset of spring.

Materials for seedlings

It is time to buy seeds of flowers, vegetables and spicy greens that were not sold in the fall. Seeds of summer harvest with high sowing qualities are just coming in garden shops and centers. Do not forget about the materials for planting seedlings: tablets, peat-compost cups and multipallets.

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