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Garden Design Steps

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Gilles Clement is a French landscape architect, famous for his creation of a huge number of environmentally-friendly, natural gardens in France and far beyond its borders.

First Steps in Garden Design from Gilles Clement

There are three key principles of designing a garden that Gilles Clement always follows. If you are planning to grow an outdoor garden, you should take them into consideration.

Andre Citroen Park in Paris by Gilles Clement

Andre Citroen Park in Paris by Gilles Clement 

Immersing environment

Immersion should occur naturally, without the involvement of existing objective information about the place. All the economic, technical, environmental, and historical factors are not as important in the first phase. They do not lose their relevance, but will be involved later in the other phases. Immersion is the study of the place that you do not know yet. You will develop your project on the basis of this study.

It is important to avoid any influence from the outside, whether it is the influence of a historian, a politician, an economist or even the influence of capabilities of the software.

Quai Branly Museum Park by Gilles Clement

Quai Branly Museum Park by Gilles Clement

Dream and concept

You can proceed to this point only after you have felt the entire palette of experience, sensations and have your own idea about the place. Your dream will lead you to a particular development of your project. A dream in this case is the utopian view of what could be done in the study area. It is important to dream. It allows you to generate ideas that are not the result of some research, but coming directly from you.

Way of presenting ideas

Words, certainly, must be backed up with some images. They can be made using completely different materials and techniques, like watercolor, pencil and even photos of a landscape similar to the place. The main thing is that the submitted images were meaningful. And for this you can use any opportunity, even add some elements of sound or movement, a dance step, which conveys your feelings. All this should be really supportive to the presentation of your ideas.

These three initial phases of work are not the easiest. It is quite difficult to come to a place without being burdened with prejudice or pre-formed ideas. You need to try to push some ideal, even utopian project for the area, as well as to convey your idea to others.

Quai Branly Museum Park by Gilles Clement

Quai Branly Museum Park by Gilles Clement

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