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French Vegetable Garden

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Classic French vegetable garden is high beds of strict geometric shapes in the form of circles, rays, triangles and other polyhedral. It has a real French charm. And it certainly will transform your garden. Try to make beautifully looking beds in your garden. And we will tell you how to do it.

French Vegetable Garden: Creating High Beds

French vegetable garden

French vegetable garden

Where to start?

Initially draw the beds on paper, then transfer them to the site with the help of pegs and ropes. See how convenient it will be to care for plants. If it is difficult to reach a particular angle, change the size, and move the pegs.

Vegetables and herbs are planted in rows according to clear rules of color and plant height. Most of the vegetable plants are beautiful in shape and color. It is not necessary to dilute them with flowers, sometimes it is quite enough to have 2-3 bright spots. But it is important to give a form to the beds with a curb of stone, brick, wood, metal or plastic. An important element of this garden is low, carefully manicured borders of ornamental plants. However some varieties of basil are now also planted in cropped borders.

Basic conditions

The optimum width of the ridges is 27-43 inches. They can be at ground level and higher, which are more comfortable to handle. These ridges are good on light soils, because it is better retain moisture and fertilizer, and also on heavy soils, as they warm up faster. But in any case they need a border edging.

Place for garden

The garden is placed on fertile, well-lit sites, protected from cold winds. Protection is provided by hedges, trellises, or the scenes of tall herbaceous plants. They may be purely decorative or practical, such as a hedge of currant or trellis of beans.

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