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Flowerbeds of Bicycle: 5 Ideas

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Such an unusual idea will help you to make your garden unique, different from others. History has not preserved the name of a man, who made ​​the first flowerbed of a bike, but still we thank him for that. Because this idea is wonderful, as the bike can “drive” any flowers that are right for your site. How to build such flower bed? And where it can be used?

5 Ideas of how to Make Flowerbed of Bicycle



Ready-to-use flowerbed of bike

A flowerbed of bike can be purchased at specialty stores. It is a ready-to-use flowerbed. You will only have to plant flowers there. Flowers can vary: petunias, marigolds, bluebells, roses, cornflowers, etc. And for shady areas you can decorate a bicycle with ferns, ivy or balsam.

Flowerbed bike with artificial flowers

If you do not want to “sully” the bike with soil, you can buy an artificial bouquet. Or make it by your own hands. This accessory can be positioned anywhere in the garden, or decorate a bungalow.

Make a flower bed of an old bicycle

Why are we trying to decorate our life and work places? The reason is that all that brings joy to us. So take things that cause sadness by their old and unshapely view, and try to transform and decorate them! Use this old and unnecessary bike.

It is enough to paint it in a color that matches your idea, find a couple of containers for soil (they can be made of old pot, basket, trimmed canister, any box, etc.), fill them with the soil mixture and plant flowers.

And you will have a very cheap, but stylish decoration on your site. You can place such flowerbed anywhere, where the possibility of planting plants is limited, and even missing. For example, lean it against a tree or wall.

Use a working bike

And it’s nice to have a “garage” for your bike in the garden. It is beautiful, and you don’t need to look for a special place. Just highlight a place in the middle of existing flowerbeds. And you can a few dozen pots with colorful flowers use for this purpose.

Handmade flowerbed of bike

If you try, you can do such a unique flowerbed by hands. Felled branches and twigs of vines, hazel or willow will be useful.

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