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Feng Shui Garden Landscape

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Gardens are one of the best features of any house. This is where, they say, all the simple pleasures are and this is precisely why most people choose this spot for relaxation and socialization, more than any other part of the house. This good “vibe” that we get from gardens is said to be because of feng shui. Garden landscape design, especially if arranged with balance and harmony, channels the flow of positive chi which creates this “feel-good” ambiance that can radiate into our home and reflected in our life.

Feng shui garden ideas

People are really beginning to realize the perks of having a feng shui garden. Landscape design used to be purely aesthetic – mainly arranged for the sake of looking beautiful. But with the introduction of feng shui to interior design, gardens have turned into one big lucky charm and a lot of people are really making sure that everything in their garden is according to the natural harmony of nature.

Aside from having an organized and beautiful garden with landscape garden water fountains, brightly-colored flowers and artfully arranged rock designs, there are a lot of other reasons why you’ll love strolling and lounging in your very own feng shui garden and here are some of them:

1. A feng shui garden can be your small haven. The natural flow of chi energy will be beneficial to strip away the stress of everyday life. People spend a whole lot of money for getaways, spas or other “nature trips.” Sit for a moment in your garden. Bring a book and sit – better in the northeastern part of your garden, in the knowledge bagua – for a few hours when you can.

2. If there’s one thing feng shui hates, it’s clutter. This is because clutter, like dead or decaying plants, fallen branches and dried leaves, disrupts the natural flow of chi. That is why you must always try to keep your garden free of these. Doing the clearing and gardening can be a good work out – even when it’s just a weekly task. Plus, you’ll be very happy with the result.

3. Gardening can also be a good family activity. Each can be assigned his or her own task and after all the hard work, you can bond over games or refreshments. You’ve kept your garden clean and flowing with good energy and you’ve also caught up on some well-spent family bonding.

4. Although you may need to clear a few dead leaves or plants, a feng shui garden is low-maintenance. No need to shell out a lot of cash for elaborate stuff, unlike for most gardens. Simplicity is the key to a good feng shui garden.

5. Keeping a feng shui garden provides a lot of upgrades to your life. A lot of people testify to the help this principle brought to their relationships – especially marriage – careers and business. Truly, when you move around a balanced and harmonious environment, your life follows suit.

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