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Family Farm in Australia

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Sam La Spina bought an old dairy farm at his 18 years with the dream to grow tobacco. Now, after 61 years and the whole epoch in agricultural business, he’s still in charge. His sons Raymond (48 years old) and Joe (38 years old ) followed in the footsteps of his father despite the fact that in 2006 the cultivation of tobacco in Australia was banned and they almost ruined: now they grow red pepper, kiwi and there is a place for grazing their own hundreds of steers.

La Spina Family Farm in Australia

Qiwi trees in the La Spina family farm in Australia

Qiwi trees in the La Spina family farm in Australia

As Sam La Spina says, diversity saves farmers in times of crisis. Sam is still active on the farm. His son Raymond says, that he was told that he should resign, but he just ignored it. Almost 5 acres of kiwi trees and 24 hectares red pepper bring a bountiful harvest every year.

But the stifling heat in 2013 affected the revenues. The tempreture above 96 °F, has a bad influence on the kiwi and the size of the fruit. But the biggest problem is associated with bees: if the heat lasts for more than 10 days, the farmers lose 5-6 peppers from each bush, because it was not pollinated (bees refuge from the heat in the shade).

Warm weather makes kiwi flavor become sweeter. Sam La Spina always advised his sons to plant crops as much as possible: but for this they need to learn how to do it correctly. Hot weather is good for some plants; but it is death for others. To win in this case, you should be able to take advantage of any weather.

About 60 percent of the crop is sold in Sydney; the remaining 40 percent is sold in Melbourne. About 650 tons of peppers and 100 tons of kiwi annually supplied to the market from only this family.

Meanwhile, Joe’s 7-year-old son, Sam, is also interested in gardening, but with a very different direction: he likes all the cabbage. His father says, that he has recently grown a full crop of cabbage for all their family completely independently: Joe only helped him  to dig up the ground with cultivator and irrigation system has already been organized. The largest head weighed almost 4.5 pounds.

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