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Elevated Garden Basics

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If you are a passionate gardener without a garden, you probably would not miss out any opportunities to have your own green outdoors! The elevated garden presents a unique opportunity to start your own garden, if the soil in the outdoors doesn’t allow it! Stick around to find out more!


Elevated Gardening

Facing a trouble of starting your own garden due to some inconviences with soil? The elevated gardening is a perfect solution for this kind of trouble! The elevated garden is basically the same garden, but with a bunch of really big containers for bedding. However, before you start the procedure -think carefully what are you going to plant and where. It is important to find out why the previous attempts of gardening were unsuccessfull, and this can be done with a help of a professional.


Once you have learned your mistakes, consider the other options you have. Maybe you should change the locations of different plants, along with making an elevated garden? Don’t forget abou the plant compatibility with other green friends and possible contamination. So, once you have figured out all of the following – here is what you will need to make an elevated garden: some boards, shovel, soil with nutrients, seeds or little plants and much more.


First of all remove all of the roots and grasses from the soil, or they will contaminate with your gardening. Then, mark the spots where you wooden elevated garden will sit. Dig up a trench for the border and later on insert the wooden boards. It is important to note, that the boards length depends on the size of the elevated container. Now, before inserting the wooden boards, make sure they are in rectangular shape connected with screws. Lastly, once this is set, you will need to fill in the ground with the potting mix and then make the soil full of nutrients. Be carefull on that however, as different nutrients can harm different plants! Make sure to plant the trees or seeds on your newly acquired platform and wait to see the results!

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