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Eco-friendly Flower Garden Ideas

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Eco-friendly flower garden ideas and practices seek to minimise and consumption while maximizing the natural benefits. Such practices are in line with the principle of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. It seems like a waste to send all the leaves that you rake up from your property in Fall to the dump. In fact, it really is! Why not shred a pile of the leaves using a good pair of garden shears (to maximize results and minimize the time necessary) and spread the sheared leaves on your flower beds? The decomposing leaves will replenish the nutrients in your soil and serve as organic fertilizer to your flowering plants in time for Spring. Using such natural methods is a great eco-friendly flower garden ideas (read about fertiliser pollution), as you save on fertilizer purchase and do your bit for the environment.

Go green with our eco-friendly gardening tips

If you’re growing flowers indoors and don’t have a lawn to collect falling leaves from, there is a large variety of nutrient-filled organic garden soil available in nurseries or you can even ask your local farm for a bag of fresh manure.

To save water and yet ensure a plentiful harvest, do your research on which of your plant species require a moist environment and buy some organic mulch to keep the roots of those plants moist.

A big concern of eco-minded individuals is the carbon footprint of our activities. When you choose what to plant in your flower garden, think local. Shopping for flower bulbs or seeds locally can dramatically decrease your ecological footprint at the same time as it supports your local farmers and ensures their continued existence. That’s achieving two benefits with a single action via this eco friendly flower garden ideas.

If you are looking for ideas of what to plant, nettles can make a great addition. In most of the Northern hemisphere, this nutritious plant flourishes. But be careful not to let them grow uncontained, or it could take over your flower garden. Cut them back every season to keep them to a small patch. Although prickly, this flowering herb lends itself to a nutritious soup or tea, and can be dried for use in winter.

There are also blooms that you can grow which will provide you with regular kitchen supplies, thus limiting your need to purchase supplies from the store. Such blooms include Sunflowers (which will grace your kitchen with a delicious harvest of seeds) and lavender (which has a wonderful smell and can be dried and used in various forms, such as potpourri months later).

It’s not hard to use good eco-friendly flower garden ideas when growing your organic flower garden, as long as you remember to respect nature and get to know it.

Flowers have a lot to offer, be it the bliss of a garden in bloom or the joy of dandelion jam months later. Your flower garden can be a wonderful refuge of color and smell, as well as a powerful medicinal ally that will help you decrease your dependence on chemical-laden pharmaceuticals. An eco-friendly flower garden is a joy to all the senses, and can be made with minimal monetary investment.

In fact, if you are thinking of earning some extra income, you could even arrange to provide supplies to a local florist.

So start your own flower garden today!

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