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Eat Once And Regrow: 5 Easy-to-Grow Foods

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If you love greens, you’re in luck as you don’t have to hunt for seeds to plant them or wait for a long time to harvest the crops. Just take the stalk off most of the veg, put it in water, and plant two weeks later. Easy, right?

Celery stalk that you can also regrow celery from with only water

You don’t even have to plant your lettuce. Let it grow in your water garden but make sure water is sufficient and clean. You’ll need a stem, a container, which can be a jar or a vase and some clean water to create just a shallow pool.

Green onions is another delicious green that you can regrow and regrow by simply planting a stalk into a shallow glass bowl or better yet a glass or a thin tall vase.

You can do the same with leeks and lemongrass. Place the 2 or 3 inch stalks into glasses in the sunlit spot and enjoy new regrowth to spice and garnish your favorite recipes.

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