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Deer-Resistant Plants

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If you live in a region that is prone to casual deer strolling, you might be quite nervous about your garden. Don’t fret, there are some plants that are quite deer-resistant so that you won’t have to worry about your precious landscaping and gardening. So, read on to know about the deer-resistant plants.

Tips On Deer-Resistant Greens

Campanula Bellflower By Fabio Visentin

Deer-Resistant Perennials

The first thing you should know about this topic is that no plant is actually safe from the deer attacks.  Deer is quite smart to avoid its favorite plants in the gardens, yet it can munch on them in the wild.

When you consider planting the deer-resistant perennials, the location is essential. Perennials such as yarrow, bugleweed, bellflower, tickseed, coneflower, lavender, catmint and others are relatively safe to be planted even in the shadows.

Deer-Resistant Annuals

Antirrhinum AKA Snapdradon

If you enjoy the annual flowers more than perennials, there are some plants that can be deer-resistant as well. Among such choices might be Sweet Alyssum, Forget-Me-Not, Snapdragon. The Sweet Alyssum flower is not only deer-resistant but is also rather fast growing and drought-resistant.

Forget-Me-Not flowers come in different colors, such as yellow, blue, pink and white, they are also good as groundcovers. Snapdragons come in yellow, pink, white, crimson and bronze, and these plants are perfect for container gardening. Snapdragons like cooler climates and can wilt during the hot summers.

Deer-Resistant Ground Covers

Wolly Thyme

Ground covering plants are really important for landscaping needs; however, they can be prone to deer attacks. Plant Japanese pachysandra, Northern sea oats, Blue oat grass, Liriope or “lilyturf”, Bugleweed, Creeping myrtle, or Periwinkle Vinca Vines, Deadnettle, Sweet woodruff, Woolly thyme as they are quite deer-resistant.

Most of the ground covers are shade-loving plants, and this is really convenient for landscaping purposes. In addition, most of these ground covers have pleasant scents.

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