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Dealing with Citrus Tree Pests

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Pests! How many emotions can be carried in one word! If you have a problem with pests infesting your beloved citrus tree, this is a perfect time and place to say – stop! Here are some simple and easy tips to deal with citrus tree pests for good!


Citrus Trees Pest Control

Pests can cause much damage to any plants, and particularly to wonderful citrus trees! There are several types of pests that can infest the citrus trees, such as: Citrus Mites, Citrus Thrips, Aphids and Mealy Bugs, Scale. Each type needs a thorough examination and individual approach. The problem with pest infestation on the citrus trees is that there is a tendency to eat up the whole tree, so the plant dies. Here are some basic instruction on dealing with each type of a pest!

1. Citrus Mites

In case of citrus mites you will see such symptoms as silvery leaves with speckles, which will eventually turn brown and die. The dealing strategy includes washing the citrus tree with a spray nozzle on a garden hose, begining from the top to entire leaf structure.Spray Ortho Volck Oil if new brown leaves begin appearing.


2. Citrus Thrips

In case of citrus thrips you will see such symptoms as distorted new growth as well as scar tissue on the developing fruit. Treatment is spray the tree with Diazinon on the branches and fruit. If the Thrips becomes seasonal, spray every march.

3. Aphids and Mealy Bugs

In case of Aphids and Mealy Bugs you will see such symptoms as curled leaves and stunted growth. Presence of snow or cotton on the tree means a large mealy bug infestation. Please don’t use spray for ants, because they feed on these bugs. Also lady bugs can help you with the aphid infestation. The last option is to spray the tree with insecticidal soap if all else fails.


In case of Aphids and Mealy Bugs you will see such symptoms as signs of budding. If a scale infestation was present on the fruit the prior season, most likely it will appear again. Spray the citrus tree with Ortho Volck Oil when the blooms begin to open but before the scale infests the fruit.

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