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Create Meditation Area In Your Garden

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Need some peace and tranquility in your life? Need a place where you can go to relax and unwind without everyday distractions? Your garden may become a place for you to find focus and center yourself. So how about creating a little meditation area in your garden? Create your own private corner of the world and enjoy the stress reducing benefits of your garden.

How To Create A Garden For Meditation


To create a cozy meditation area in your garden we need to focus on the main elements of the meditation garden.

Well, first of all – water. We know that the sound of running water has a calming effect, just what we need for a medidtation area. The sound of water also masks other annoying noises like traffic noise. So installing a small fountain would be a great idea.

Simple lines. Get inspired by Asian design principles when creating your meditation area. It is well known that oriental designs are among the most peaceful and relaxing of all types. How about building a tiny teahouse with a gravel garden in the corner? It would make a perfect place for yoga and meditation.

Symbolism. It all depends on how seriously you take meditation. You can create a little path that leads to your meditation corner and install a mirror over there. It would symbolize finding yourself at the end of a journey.

Another element od medidation area in your garden is a sense of separation from the rest of the landscape. Enclosure or different surface will accomplish that. Your relaxation corner also has to provide you with privacy, try to separate it by installing a bamboo fence or curtains.

There are lots of ways to create a meditation corner in your garden, depending on a bugdet and the size of the garden. Anything from a simple rock garden to an intricate labyrinth, choose a meditation garden that is perfect for you.

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