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Container Vegetable Garden

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Do you live in the urban area, but feel an urge to have your own garden? Well, continuing the small garden ideas, here is an awesome idea for urban gardening: the container vegetable garden!


Container Gardening Basics

If you live in the urban area, and just unable to have a large scale garden, you might consider trying container gardening. Here are some basics to start off with that awesome hobby!

First of all think about containers. Containers should be definatelly with drainage, so any container with holes in the bottom will do. If you are going to grow root vegetables, like carrots, choose a deeper container. But not all vegetables require deep containers. For instance tomatoes need at least a 2-gallon pot for every plant, while eggplants require a 5-gallon pot to themselves to prevent crowding. Radishes, beets and green onions grow well in wide, shallow containers.


Another thing to consider is soil: it should be quick-draining yet able to hold enough moisture for the roots to feed. However soilless potting mix, composed of wood chips, perlite, peat moss and other items, is fine for growing vegetables, composting skills would be handy! When choosing fertilizers look for a water-soluble formula that you mix with water and apply to the potting soil. And finally don’t forget about pesticidies and protect your vegetables, using organic ones such as insecticidal soaps.


When thinking of what to grow, these are the most popular choices: leafy greens, cherry or salad tomatoes, bush beans, baby carrots, dwarf cabbages, cherry peppers, bunching onions, butterbush squash, radishes and patio peas. With the upcoming cold times, think of locating your container garden somewhere where it would be protected from unpleasant weather and still gets maximum ammount of sun. If getting the sun is a problem, try the fluorescent lamps. Take care of your plants, love them and they will love you back with their gifts!

Container Garden Inspiration

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