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Composting Basics

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Compost is one of the greatest thing that you can do for you garden and here we would discuss some basic ideas regarding composting.


How to Fertilize a Garden

Fertilizing the soil in your garden should be a priority if you want to have harvest or just generally create a green outdoor space. Usually, compost is a pile of dirt that is really rich in nutrients for the plants. But it is not just some random dirt, it is the a process of creating one. Of course this procedure is not immediate, it might take up to years to create a nice compost, however usually it takes up to three weeks to create a decent fertilizing component.

In order to make a compost you will need to have: 3′ x 3′ wire cage, dry branches, green items (foliage, trimming parts, kitchen waste); fallen leaves, blood meal – it will speed up the process of composting, which is needed to create microclimate; some water. First off, prepare the cage and put it out in the sun, not so far away from the greenery. Coarse materials, like broken branches make a good base, so use it as a first level. Then add foliage, trimming parts, kitchen waste, fallen leaves, and other green and brown parts of the flora origin. A blood meal, that will definitely rot away can be used to boost up the process, or if this is too extreme you can use finished compost. The idea is to get the bacteria crawling and living there. Water is needed to get the composting process going, so the pile doesn’t have to be damp and wet.

Of course, the mentioned above process is not a single procedure as it should be repeated continuously, but the effect is worth it. A maintained compost pile should not be too smelly and it can save you money on external fertilizers.

Garden Compost

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