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Community Garden Howto

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Community gardens are places where vegetable and fruit are grown for financial or other purposes. Apart from money value, they are also good for bonding with the community members. Today we are going to cover the basics of community garden.

Community Gardens

Community Garden Tips

Also called Communal gardens in UK, these types of gardens are especially powerful in uniting people. To start one, you of course need to find like-minded people, who also want to do this project. Two people in charge are enough and the rest could help in organizational process. Among things to consider for starting are: securing the site, arranging a source of water, organizing general meetings for garden planning.

After these preliminary actions have been taken, it is time to start with the actual gardening. In order to get the soil ready for planting, you need to decide on the plants, as you may know, different plants require different timing. Now, community garden can be arranged in two ways: general and with individual plots. If your community has chosen the latter option, make sure that everyone is taking care of their plot.

Community Gardens

It is essential to assign different tasks for each member of the community. Before going into gardening process, make sure that you have a meeting, where these tasks are assigned. Some need to plant the herbs, veggies and fruits, others will need to take care of watering, and when it comes to gathering the goods, perhaps everyone would be interested.

The fun part begins when you and the community members start to harvesting veggies, flowers and fruits. One of the most important things to consider before the harvest is ripe is to consider how will you distribute it: whether it would be sold for some purpose or shared by the community members or maybe even given away to a charity organization.

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