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Caring Tips for Poinsettia

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Continuing the Christmas theme, have you used poinsettia for decorating? If you are concerned about keeping your precious poinsettia alive, this is a perfect place to start looking, because here we discuss caring tips for poinsettia!


Poinsettia Basics

Known for its lush green and red foliage, poinsettia is widely used during Christmas. A succulent plant originally from Mexico and Central America, poinsettias are shrubs that can grow 10 feet high, and those are considered flowers, are actually the leaves of the shrub. Poinsettia, as mentioned earlier, are really popular during holiday season, however don’t be cruel to discard the plant right away! With a proper care, it can survive a lot longer.


To start off, when purchasing poinsettia, make sure it is fresh, that there are no wilted leaves, or yellowing lower leaves. When transporting the plant into your house, make sure it is protected from the frost, otherwise you will have to remove the leaves which were exposed to a temperature of less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you arrive, unwrap the plant and place it in an indirect sunlight. They love to be at a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Poinsettias love the moist soil, so make sure to water it frequently. Don’t worry about the excessive water, as it can drain through the holes, which you made on the bottom of the pot.


If the plant is infected, use mild kitchen soap or mild insecticide to get rid of the bugs. In March or April, when it stops flowering, cut through all stems about 8 inches above the soil line and put the plant into the warmest spot. Next pruning should come in June or July to encourage further bushy growth, but do not prune after the end of July. Use liquid fertilizer for houseplants, up until the flowering season, then stop fertilizing. To encourage blooming, during October, November and early December place the pot into a dark closet during the night, and into a bright spot during the day. Take care of your poinsettia plant, and it will repay you with gorgeous foliage for the next holiday season!

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