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Candy Cane-Like Flowers That Will Keep Christmas Year Round

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These candy cane flowers aren’t just amazing garden blooms but they can definitely decorate your house for holidays if you care to order them from a shop. Though since not all of them might be available during holiday season there is no reason you cannot enjoy them throughout the year.

Candy Cane Colored Flowers

Candy Cane Tulips

‘Candy Cane’ Tulips

‘Candy Cane’ tulips are spring-blooming perennials that require full sun and partial shade along with well-drained sandy neutral soil. They have beautiful white and red striped petals and there are actually a few other striped varieties that have a candy cane look about them.

Santa Claus Dahlia

Santa Claus Dahlia

‘Santa Claus’ Dahlia is a beautiful annual that blooms from summer to frost. Its two-toned red and white blooms are big and showy and look more like candy canes but it’s still aptly named.

Amaryllis Clown

Amaryllis ‘Clown’

Amaryllis is a great winter present to plant-lovers and indoor gardeners. Amaryllis ‘Clown’ has beautiful big candy-cane-like stripe flowers that will make an eye-catchy table centerpiece.

Verbena Candy Cane

Verbena Candy Cane

Verbena Candy Cane looks more like peppermint candy due to its small red white blooms. Perfect for hanging porch planters and flower beds Verbena Candy Cane blooms from spring to fall making for a bushy display.

Candy Cane Sorrel

Candycane Sorrel

Oxalis versicolor or Candycane Sorrel is one of the most whimsical blooms we’ve ever seen. Its small trumpet-shaped flowers are striped in red and white making it an ultimate candy cane perennial there is. It blooms from mid to late summer depending on weather.

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