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Black Rose Is A Big Showy Succulent Shrub For Your Waterless Garden

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Black Rose or Aeonium atropurpureum is a woody succulent with big rosettes with black purple leaves on grey-green beached trunks. This showy cultivar is a perfect accent for a waterless garden.


Plant it in a gritty well drained soil with other succulents and drought-resistant plants that don’t require regular watering. The soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings and the plant location should get full sun to part shade. Summer is its blooming and dormant season, while watering in winter is required no more than once a month. Speaking of winter, the plant can withstand relatively low temps (-2°C – 28 F) but requires protection.

Since it’s a shrub it’s best to be planted along the house walls or a lawn border. It makes for a great accent plant among greenery due to its dark peculiar color.It goes amazingly well with the larger succulents and would also work with tall cacti.

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