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Best Shade-Loving Perennials

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Most certainly there are dark spots in your garden that don’t receive much sunlight, however, it doesn’t mean that they have to be left this way. There are ways to spruce up your shady zone with brightest shade-loving perennials.

Shade-Loving Perennial Picks

Shade Perennials

Bigroot Geranium by Margaret Roach

Bigroot Geranium

This perennial is so tough that it doesn’t mind the heat or drought, and animals are not interested in eating it. The bigroot geranium has bright pink flowers that appear in spring, and some type of these plants also offer gorgeous golden foliage in fall. Bigroot Geranium is hardy to zones 4 to 8 and can grow up to 2 feet tall. For a more visual impact, plant this perennial along with toad lily.

Toad Lily

Shade Perennials

Tricyrtis Formosana by GardenerSeden

Toad lily is an easy-to-grow plant that gives off beautiful white orchid-like flowers in fall. It is best to plant it with the ground covering plant with lush foliage, so that the white or lavender flowers would stand out. There are varieties with purple drop on the white background, such as shown in the example above.


Shade Perennials

Hosta Sieboldiana in Bloom

Hostas offer rich large-leaf foliage in various hues: green, blue, white, chartreuse, and gold. Some varieties also have flowers that are quite fragrant. The hostas can be either small – up to a couple of inches or gigantic – growing up to 6 feet across. Being a good groundcover, this plant is perfect when planted with bleeding heart, as its bright flowers look good against the lush foliage of hosta.


Shade Perennials

Epimedium Grandiflorum ‘Purple Prince’ by Paige Woodward

This perennial has bright yellow, red or orange blooms in spring. It can tolerate drought and it is also deers and rabbits-resistant. There are evergreen varieties in mild-winter areas. Hardy to zones 5 to 9 the epimedium can grow up to 1 foot tall.


This plant is an early bloomer with large beautiful flowers in burgundy, pink, cream, white colors. They can bloom in late winter or early spring, and the animals are not really interested in eating them. The plant is hardy to zone 4 to 8 and can grow up to 12 inches tall.

Shade Perennials

Hellebore by Flirty Fleurs

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